I deserve an a grade

Before I did any writing, I read the instructions so carefully that I could not have missed or misunderstood what was required of the writing. A thing of beauty.

Too many students have a warped idea of what hard work actually entails. As it turned out, a lot of the questions were vague enough to allow two or more different answers! As a result, I adopted a very aggressive attitude punctuated by a lot of discipline and time management.

This was a communications class right? And the abuse they take from their passengers? Characteristics of High-Stakes Tests. Even when I avoid such unpleasantness, I find these emails quite disturbing.

In order to illustrate, I will identify the main themes that emerge from the email cavalcade that I endured: In describing the characteristics of such a student, Love cites various qualities such as discipline, concentration, self-motivation, comparing notes and possessing the right attitude.

I propose that each of the above five manifestations of the student entitlement mentality is reflective of patterns present in society in general. A number of researchers have documented the negative effects of minimum-competency testing on the curriculum and instruction.

In my case, I explored a wide variety of literature as well as read the notes from lectures as well as all resources contained in the course outline.

There were only a few aspects that required application of the knowledge that we had gained during the semester. Someone is vandalizing a seat. This is justified by the fact that since I have been writing well all along, it also means that there is a high possibility that I wrote well and deserve a good grade.

According to Yewchuk and Jobagy, although most instructors accord more weighting on lecturer attendance, there are always writings that require students to apply the knowledge they gained in lectures.

The student inhabits a cosmos in which he is not in control of his destiny. I will get kicked out of my major if I do not get a C in the class.

I know you understand that this is an unfair gesture towards me. On most campuses, faculty are already obliged to make these criteria known to students at the outset of the semester.

‘Give Me a Better Grade—I Deserve It’

And we are certain that those in the other boxes are working feverishly to limit opportunities for the occupants of our box. Therefore, I believe that I truly deserve an A in this the class for this semester.

Does Testing Deserve a Passing Grade?

Wait for the flashing lights to be turned off and the extended arm to be in its retracted position before placing your foot on the gas pedal. Anyway it worked so well that I often still use a variation of that assignment today with my eighth grade students.Begging, Demanding, And Asking For a Better Grade deserved grade.

Not everyone gets what they want. If a student fails, he or she should be able to accept the grades they have earned, rather than fight for a grade. The grades I just issued in my post-calculus, differential equations course – a sophomore math offering taken mostly by engineering students—followed the usual bell-shaped curve, roughly 10% A’s, 20% B’s, 40% C’s, 20% D’s and 10% F’s.

The complaints came more from the D students than. Nov 09,  · Surely you must have hear the recent news about 3 children killed while crossing a road to get to their school bus. If not, click on the clip below. Social media has been exploding over this incident and unfortunately it took this tragic and preventable accident to bring a huge problem into our daily consciousness.

Name. Class Date Why I deserve an A If asked, “what grade do you deserve in this class thus far,” I would respond with “an A” Despite taking!"3/5(2). Why I Deserve an A in English Good grades are typically rewarded to students who perform well on tests.

Personally, I see a flaw in that, basing grades solely on that creates a closed-minded perception on the grade the student truly deserves. Aug 18,  · This feature is not available right now.

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I deserve an a grade
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